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Who are we?

Our team from ‘The Mighty Waikato’ are now entering its 9th season.

Originally formed in 2004 with a team of predominantly breast cancer survivors and almost entirely women who had never been in a dragon boat, we had an age range spanning 35 years. Video footage of our first practices certainly shows us how far we have come!

It is hard to describe the feelings we had upon completion of our first race in 2004 – a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. But more than that was coming together with a group of women who had experienced the breast cancer diagnosis and decided not to let that hold them back from life and all it has to offer.

We have participated in several regattas in the past four seasons and even experienced the unexpected joy of winning a gold medal in an open social race in NZ Dragon Boat Nationals, Wellington 2006.

The future seasons hold the promise of new experiences for us all. We aim to compete in several regattas each year – in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland, where it is always a privilege to meet up with the other breast cancer survivor teams from around the country.

The relationships fostered between these teams were displayed in 2007 when eight of our team members paddled with Tauranga's Boobops in the ABREAST IN AUSTRALIA international regatta at Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Great fun and a great team

We have a number of new team members who are proving to be great assets to our team, but there is always room for more women who have survived breast cancer to join us along with friends and families.

Although we are clearly proud of the successes we have experienced, our goal is more about providing breast cancer survivors with the opportunity to lead full and active lives regardless of their sporting ability, supported by a team of women who have travelled a similar journey.

Please CONTACT US to find out more or come along and see what we are all about.


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